About Us

Al-Ghadeer Islamic Association is a registered charitable organization in Canada. It was established in 1998 in Calgary. Al-Ghadeer Islamic Association of Calgary is committed to providing opportunities and facilities for all its members, in following Islam and promoting the true teachings of Islam in accordance with Al-Fiqah Al-Jaffaria, and to increase fellowship and foster respect towards other religious organizations.

Al-Ghadeer Islamic Association has been serving Shia Muslims in preserving their faith and cultural values along with the true form of Islam taught by Prophet Muhammad (saw), Imam Ali (as) and their progenies.

Mission Statement

Al-Ghadeer Islamic Association of Calgary's main purpose is to spread the true message of Islam, and help people understand the true face of Islam against the defaced form used by the Terrorists.

The Shia Faith has always stood against inhumanity and tyranny since the inception of Islam and till date Shia Muslims stand united against Terrorism. Hardly a day passes by when Shia Muslim(s) is not martyred around the world by the Terrorists. But that has not stopped Shia Muslims from spreading true message of Islam taught by Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his progenies. It is important to know that the Terrorists hate Shia Muslims more than non-Muslims or any other community in the world. Only because we stand firmly against them and against the defaced form of Islam.