Membership Services

Being a member of Al-Ghadeer Islamic Association of Calgary (AIAC), In addition to the reward in the hereafter, In this world, You are able to contribute to the day to day running of the hussainia, vote in executive elections, attend the hussainia meeting, raise your questions/concerns about Al-Ghadeer Islamic Association management, and also able to get all the perks and benefits as a member meeting.

Why Should You Become a Member?

As you may already know, AIAC runs only on Donations by Volunteers. The Executives of hussainia, rely on donation income for day-to-day expenses like utility bills, maintenance costs, building/facility improvements and more.
There are fixed expenses every month as well as variable known and unknown expenses that come and go every now and then. Every organization has to have a budget, so AIAC have to have a budget to be able to run hussainia smoothly all year round. The Executives need to know the yearly income to the best possible accurate figures.
Without knowing the income, it’s very hard to decide on a regular expense that can be incurred on the balance sheet, and also the future projects that rely on known income. For example, Hussainia has to expand its building to accommodate its growing community needs, To be able to expand existing building, the minimum cost that we figured we may need is around 1000,000 CAD. Now to take on the project and work to make it successful, Executives need to know if we can raise that much amount from donations, which is very hard to know in advance. So, to be able to get loan pre-approved from the bank, every bank would ask the fixed income to the organization, and without knowing that, it would be impossible to get loan pre-approved, and ultimately it’s impossible to start any long-term project without knowing the fixed income.
Membership is the only way, the Hussainia can know the minimum income that will be raised every year. and So, Membership is the only way, Executives can design a budget, work on future improvement projects as well as guarantee its members the readiness for future requirements of the community. This is the least we can write to convince you to be a member of Al-Ghadeer Islamic Association of Calgary. Please think about the house of Imams that is awarded to us to protect our faith and to improve our knowledge about Islam. Please join us to help the cause of our beloved Imams.

Membership Fees

Yearly Membership Fee Schedule for year 2016. Prices in Canadian Dollars.

Family (Parents & Children under 18 yrs.) CAD 600 /Year
Individual/Single CAD 400 /Year
Students CAD 200 /Year

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